App Features

Here are some features you may want to include in your mobile app.

Appointment Form

Build an appointment/booking form right in your App

Audio Gallery

Include playlists, podcasts or band preview tracks

Call Us

Make it easy for users to call you by clicking on the button


Set up an ecommerce store within your app

Contact Us

Allow users to contact you with a question or comment


List items for sale or important locations


One-click and your user can send an email to you

Image Gallery

Display your images within a gallery on your app


Sell music, podcasts, audio books, software or e-books


Display branches of your business or other locations


Give users a place to take notes within your app

PDF Reader

Add useful PDF documents to your app

RSS Feed

Dynamically display your blog content

Social Media

Integrate your social media sites within your app

Static Pages

Add pages, like About Us, or articles, guides, and reviews

Video Gallery

Great for promoting your business and engaging users

Website URLs

Display any page(s) from your website

Premium Features

Amazon Catalog

Sell products through Amazon from within your app

Book A Table

Enable users to book a table right in your app


Digitizing means no more lost coupons!

Form Builder

Opt in, contact, feedback, survey, contest, etc

Loyalty Cards

No more physical loyalty cards that customers misplace

Membership Protection

Prevents access to your app unless they have the password


Enable users to see your menu right in your app

Order Food

Enable users to place an order right in your app

Shopify Integration

Include your Shopify store within your app

Push Notifications

Instant communication with customers. A key feature for effective mobile marketing.

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