Are you getting calls and emails from every wanna-be marketing guru trying to sell you services you don’t need or want? And yet you know you need to market your business.

But darn it, isn’t there a way to find someone you can trust, someone who actually has your best interest in mind, someone who can act like a partner so you can do what you do best?

We’d like to be that “someone.”

We believe by helping you prosper, we will prosper too.

We believe your business matters to us too.

We believe in treating our customers like we’re going to be sitting at their mother’s house for dinner.

By doing what we do best for your business, you can concentrate on what you do best.

In 2002, I founded this company whose mission is to help small businesses grow and prosper using online marketing.

Because each business is unique, how you engage your customers should be too. We can help you engage with your customers.

A big project I worked on was building the City of Denver’s website.

We designed and built a framework so each city agency could add content to their portion of the website. We built every part of the website, from the login page to the templates for the agencies to use, to the code that turns those templates and data into html code that displays each page on the website.

It allowed us to go from a few dozen pages in the beginning to over 9,000 pages within a year. We won a lot of awards too.

That project was tailored to the needs of a large metropolitan area, but we mostly work with small and medium size businesses.

I enjoy working one-on-one to help find your business’ unique voice. To help you build your business online, I’ve partnered with some really talented people – writers, graphic designers and programmers – and that’s become Exede Digital where We Help Businesses Get – And Keep – Customers!

Need something special? Just let me know.

Connect with me using the links below and let’s talk.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Helping small businesses get - and keep - customers
Lead generation and retention

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I wish that above all things that thou mayest prosper ...
3 John 1:2

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