Projects and Awards

I’ve worked on numerous projects over the years. Here are some that are noteworthy:

DenverGov is one of the leading web sites for local municipalities. My team built a custom content management system to empower city employees and allow them to publish their agencies’ content, in HTML or plain text, and yet maintain the same look and feel throughout the entire site.

The website was named the Best City or County Website by the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA).



The award was based on content, creativity, and technical ratings. “A great resource for citizens and visitors!” judges noted.

Here are three apps that I built to work within DenverGov’s website:


DenverGov Job App allows users to browse job openings with the City and County of Denver and to apply for these jobs online. It can be administered online utilizing a password-protected section.

The Job App was given the Best of Denver award in June 2000 by Westword Magazine.



“Tired of sticking your foot in the door time and time again without getting anything but a sore foot? Let your fingers do the crashing: After you search for city job openings, you can apply right then and there and maintain an online resume that you can update as needed.”

DenverGov Hazardous Materials App allowed businesses in the City and County of Denver to report the quantities of hazardous materials they had on hand as required by law. Users could search this database for HazMat and employees of Emergency Management could administer the site online utilizing a password-protected section.

DenverGov Content Management Help App gave “editors” and “authors” of the DenverGov Content Management System information to help them learn about the CMS, plus context-sensitive help while they were using it.


The State of Washington Employment Security Department built a data warehouse and several data malls to store massive amounts of information. My team built the data warehouse and data malls, then collected all employment data for the state and imported it into the data warehouse. We also designed a web-based portal to give management personnel access to the information.

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